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Date:Tue Jun 30 22:16:23 2009
Subject:#48749 [Bgs]: enabling error_log directive crashes PHP
ID: 48749
User updated by: karel dot horsky at centrum dot cz
Reported By: karel dot horsky at centrum dot cz
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
PHP Version: 5.2.10
New Comment:

Well, the script is calling only phpinfo(). So I wouldn't be so certain
about errors or notices inside the script.

When I turn off E_STRICT, there is nothing in the error log. No error,
no notices. When I turn it on, I couldn't finish the script, so I
couldn't report content of my error_log - file is created, but no

Magic circle...

Previous Comments:

[2009-06-30 21:59:47] pajoye@php.net

Ah, it does not crash but your script has certainly some warnings or
notices breaking your script.

Enable the log and read them, it will show what's wrong


[2009-06-30 21:44:50] karel dot horsky at centrum dot cz

I tried it with and withou ZendDebugger. Same result.

Extension list taken from php.ini:


[2009-06-30 21:42:30] karel dot horsky at centrum dot cz

I found that error_log directive works fine until directive
error_reporting is set to "E_ALL | E_STRICT". Than it behaves as


[2009-06-30 21:33:47] pajoye@php.net

Any zend extension loaded?


[2009-06-30 21:28:25] karel dot horsky at centrum dot cz

When I set error_log directive (I tried to set it via php.ini or
ini_set function), PHP randomly crashes.

What can I reproduce every time is that the result of phpinfo().
Behaves differently in different browsers:
- no resut page in IE ("Can't display page")
- Firefox starts with phpinfo result, than "The connection was reset"
- Opera stops at Apache Environment section)

After couple of refreshes (same behavior) Apache and PHP crashes, I get
no response at all.

Without phpinfo, PHP randomly crashes after couple of requests.

It's fresh installation of OS, all patches, than only Apache 2.2.11,
MySQL 5.1.35, PHP 5.2.10 and Zend Studio 6.1.2.

I could submit whole php.ini, but I used php.ini-recommended when I was
looking for error.

Reproduce code:

or set directive in php.ini

Expected result:
Whole result of phpinfo, no crashes when error_log file is used.


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