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Date:Wed Mar 14 09:19:41 2012
Subject:Req #61366 [Opn]: DateInterval should support weeks and days combined
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ID: 61366
User updated by: evert at rooftopsolutions dot nl
Reported by: evert at rooftopsolutions dot nl
Summary: DateInterval should support weeks and days combined
Status: Open
Type: Feature/Change Request
Package: Date/time related
Operating System: Any
PHP Version: 5.3.10
Block user comment: N
Private report: N

New Comment:

Well, I have several counter points:

1) If it's not supported, it should throw an exception. At the moment it fails silently.
2) There's no reason to support a superset of ISO 8601
3) I'm using this because I'm implementing an iCalendar parser. The DURATION property type is based on ISO 8601:


In the wild I'm finding duration values with mixed weeks and days. Now I need to pre-parse this string, do weeks * 7, then regenerate the (almost identical) string before I can add it to the constructor.

I feel adding support for W and D at the same time does not pose additional confusion, and is a sensible feature.

Previous Comments:
[2012-03-14 01:51:40] uramihsayibok at gmail dot com

ISO 8601 doesn't allow mixing weeks with anything else.

If you need both then just do the math: 7 * weeks + days

[2012-03-12 21:53:19] evert at rooftopsolutions dot nl

The DateInterval should support specifying weeks and days at the same time.

This is documented to not be supported, but this is imho silly and confusing.

Test script:

$di = new DateIterval('P1W1D');
echo $di->d;


Expected result:

Actual result:


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