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Date:Sun Dec 18 02:14:21 2011
Subject:Re: Working on a Subsummary Report
> for the above to work right, you will need to loop through the mysql result set
> one time. Placing all the results in to one large array. Then you can loop
> through the array as many times as needed.
> What you will probably find is that you can sort all the data into the proper
> order withing your SQL statement. Then display the data looping through the
> mysql result set once without having to create the additional array mentioned in
> my first statement above.

Thanks Jim,

I will look into how to make this work with arrays...

more beginner questions...

- as stated - when I try to loop through 2x ...
- the table 2 only shows 1 record..
- Q: ... like the query number row number? needs to be reset - but how?

So is it not possible to loop more than 1x? Is that why we are loading into array?

Dave - DealTek
[email protected]

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