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Date:Wed Oct 26 14:17:29 2016
Subject:Re: tr1.php.net Disabled

We have resolved the issue. Our mirror is working again.

Besides, Fatma Kavak is no longer our employee. Please update the contact
as Aras Yorganc─▒ ([email protected]), ITU BIDB.


Aras Yorganc─▒

Alinti [email protected]

> Dear Fatma Kavak, ITU BIDB <[email protected]>
> The mirror you are maintaing for php.net (tr1.php.net) has been disabled
> due to:
>         Failed '/mirror-info' check: Received no response in 15
> Likely cause:
> For more information please checkout our mirroring-troubles page:
> http://tr1.php.net/mirroring-troubles.php
> Please resolve this issue ASAP. If the reason is unclear, please contact
> [email protected]
> - php.net mirror surveillance

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