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Date:Thu Jan 12 08:35:38 2012
Subject:Help! pdo:prepared()->execute() didn't return rows.
Dear ALL,

My PHP is running under ubuntu 11.10 in VituralBox. The version returned
from phpinfo() is:
PHP Version 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.1

PDO supported for mysql. pdo_mysql Client API version is: 5.1.58.

I wrote a stored procedure to insert a row into a table, then select the
inserted row at the end of the procedure. PDO::query() works fine. I
change it to PDO:prepared() and PDOStatement->execute() for better
performance. but the PDOStatement->fetch() return false after true was
got at PDOStatement->execute().

Could somebody help me, please!!! Thank you.

Best Regards,
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