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Date:Tue Sep  3 15:59:42 2019
Subject:Adding Scout APM to PECL
Hi folks,

My name is James Titcumb, known on Twitter/GitHub as "asgrim". I'm a
freelance developer, and I'm currently working on a PHP module for Scout
APM (https://scoutapm.com/), as they would like to branch into APM for PHP
applications (they are already active in other languages such as

The "scoutapm" extension I'm writing right now is pretty small, it's in
"proof of concept" stage at the moment, it only records calls to
"file_get_contents" right now (but I'm adding more functions soon).

I've discussed open sourcing the extension with the company, which they are
happy to do. They did have one question regarding licenses - is it
acceptable to use an MIT license, or does it have to be BSD/Apache/PHP
licenses only? What is the rationale behind the permitted licenses please?

The code is currently on a private GitHub repository, but they once we have
an acceptable license committed to the repo, they will open the repository.

Please could you let me know if it is acceptable for me to request to add
the Scout APM package to PECL.

It would make sense for Chris, the lead at Scout APM to have access to this
too - should he request separately, or can this be done in one?


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